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70s Trivia

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70’s Trivia is packed with questions about the best of the 70’s. What were you doing in the 70’s? Were you solving crimes with Scooby Doo? Did you boogie at Studio 54? Who became the first female Prime Minister of Great Britain? Where is Jimmy Hoffa?70’s Trivia has many memorable moments from genres like music, movies, television, sports, politics, world events and more. Get ready for the psychedelic styles and groovy sounds that changed a generation. TV broadcast once in black and white became colorful; Movie dynasties such as Stars Wars, Aliens, Halloween and Rocky have their beginnings; Music became the voice of a generation in a decade of wars, embargos and conflicts.
Play 70’s Trivia and blaze though this groovy game in your broad ties and platform shoes you know you're dying to wear and let the fun begin! It's DY-NO-MITE!